Kerala Lockdown Again: schools closed, imposed strict restriction

Nipah Virus is increasing in Kerala, Kerala School Holiday has been announced. It is said that the government office is closed and there is a possibility of complete lockdown in Kerala.

Nipah Virus cases are increasing day by day in Kerala. Two people have already succumbed to Nipah fever. After this, holidays have been announced for schools and some government offices. Seven villages have been declared as containment zones and it is said that complete lockdown will be implemented in Kerala. Two people have already died due to Nipha fever in the state of Kerala and now another person has been confirmed to have Nipha virus in Kozhikode. Now the total number of infected has increased to 3.

Kerala Lockdown Again: schools closed, imposed strict restriction
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Complete lockdown in Kerala?

Kerala government has taken strict measures to prevent the spread of Nipah virus infection. A partial lockdown model has been adopted in the state. However, the state has not made any announcement about the complete lockdown so far. The Kerala Health Department has taken strict measures regarding Nipah infected cases in Kerala.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George told the media that so far in Kerala, three samples have tested positive for Nipah virus. We have started the process of tracing Nipah contacts in the state. Of the 706 contacts, 77 are in the high-risk category, while 153 health workers are in the low-risk category.

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Kerala Health minister Veena George said that the health department has made all kinds of preparations to prevent Nipah. A total of 19 member committees have been formed to monitor the situation in Kerala. We have arranged telemedicine facility. We have formed 19 member committees for control of Nipah virus.

Kerala Lockdown Again: schools closed, imposed strict restriction
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Veena George said no person in the high-risk category had any symptoms. Patients are advised to stay at home. Only high-risk patients can contact the call center. She said that the person in isolation will be shifted to the medical college only if any symptoms are detected.

Strict restriction in containment zones:

Has the Kerala government taken strict measures to prevent Nipah on the model of the measures taken when the covid virus infection appeared. Individuals in containment zones are advised to maintain social distancing. People have been requested to wear masks and use hand sanitizers.

Entry and exit from the containment zones is strictly prohibited. Barricades have been placed at the entrance of each ward. Medical shops and essential retail shops are allowed to operate in containment zones. But business hours are restricted to 7 am to 5 pm.

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Medical shops, health centers and hospitals within the containment zone can operate without time limit. But banks, schools and Anganwadi centers will remain closed until further notice. Public road transport is prohibited in containment zones. Vehicles travel on national and state highways cannot be parked in containment zones.

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