Govt urgent warning to Android phone users: Read this before use phone

Android phone use or purchase is high in India. This makes India the largest Android device market globally. Meanwhile, Android phone users are facing more and more problems.

Android phone users often find themselves at a disadvantage in the smartphone segment. However, the government immediately wakes up about this and works to curb future problems by warning Android phone users. Now again the government has asked smartphone users running on Android 13 and earlier OS to be careful.

Warning to Android phone users:

CERT-In has classified the vulnerabilities it discovered in the Android OS as Critical, saying these vulnerabilities could allow hackers to execute their code on a smartphone or tablet, exposing sensitive user information. The government has warned that access and denial of service (DoS) situations can occur.

Govt urgent warning to Android phone users: Read this before use phone
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The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) operating in India under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology recently issued this critical warning for devices running on older Android versions. That means the government is keeping an eagle eye on devices running Android 13 and below.

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Tablet, smartphone users should be aware:

According to information provided by CERT-In, the highlighted vulnerabilities primarily affect Android devices running on older versions of the OS. It is said that these problems will appear mainly in 11, 12, 12L, and 13.

The point is that these vulnerabilities are not limited to a single entity. The report mentions that they spread across crucial elements like Google Play system updates, framework, system and components related to various hardware manufacturers. For this reason, Google has now released an update that fixes critical bugs.

Govt urgent warning to Android phone users: Read this before use phone
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As a result, smartphone and tablet users running on this OS are advised to update their handsets immediately. Through this, personal information can be protected in the smart device. These kinds of problems are not new, they happen frequently. As a result, the user has also been told how to keep the smartphone safe by taking all the protective measures.

Apply Security Patches:

Users should be proactive in applying security patches along with OS updates to avoid potential active exploits. These patches are designed to specifically address the identified bugs and enhance the security of the device.

Update Android OS:

Users need to update Android OS. This is the most crucial way to keep your phone safe and bug-free. It secures the device against any threat as well as gives access to the latest security features and improvements.

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Download App Carefully:

Be careful when you download and install any apps. This means that if you install apps through Google Play Store, these types of problems will not occur. You should be careful about granting permissions with this.

Back up your data:

Regularly back up your data to external sources and cloud storage to protect valuable information in case of unexpected events. It is convenient way in every way.

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