Anna Bhagya Scheme: Money not credited for 14 lakh account

It is said that due to a technical problem, more than 14 lakh BPL card holders have not been paid under the Anna bhagya scheme. Under Anna bhagya Yojana, BPL and Antyodaya card holders are being credited into their accounts in lieu of additional 5 kg of rice.

There is 1.27 crore more eligible cards in the state. Out of these 1,03,68,897 cards cost of Rs 605.90 crore transfered. Due to some other technical errors including bank account problem, more than 14 lakh BPL card holders across the state have not received payment. Due to this, these card holders are deprived of Anna bhagya Yojana funds.

Anna Bhagya Yojana money was not deposited for 21 lakh cards last month due to technical problem. Out of these, the technical problem of 7 lakh cards has been resolved, and the remaining 14 lakh cards will be informed about the problems and steps will be taken to solve and to deposit money into the account.

Last month, money was transferred to the account of the beneficiaries in a phase wise manner, this time the money will be transferred simultaneously. About 8 lakh ration card holders out of over 1.27 crore BPL cards have been dropped from the facility as they do not get rice at fair price shops every month. Cardholders who do not receive ration for three months will be disqualified from Anna bhagya Yojana cash transfer facility.

Antyodaya cards with three or less than three members are excluded. If there are more than three members, the account will be credited. Some have no account, some have inactive accounts, some have given wrong Aadhaar number. Aadhaar of some people is not linked to the ration card, due to various reasons including non-availability of data from the National Information Center, Anna Bhagya money has not been paid into the account. They have been told to visit the Food Department office to get information and take advantage of the scheme.

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