Suresh Raina open Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam: See beautiful photos

Raina Indian Restaurant, a culinary venture founded by former Indian cricketer Suresh Raina, announces its grand opening in the heart of Amsterdam. Suresh Raina open Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam: See beautiful photos.

Combining Suresh Raina’s illustrious cricket career with his love for food and cooking, this restaurant aims to bring the best of Indian taste from different parts of India to the world. Suresh Raina said in a social media post announcing his new venture.

Suresh Raina open Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam: See beautiful photos
Suresh Raina open Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam: See beautiful photos – Image credit – Twitter

“I am absolutely ecstatic to introduce Raina Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam, where my passion for food and cooking takes center stage,” he wrote while sharing a few pictures of the restaurant on Instagram. “Over the years, you’ve seen my love for food and witnessed my culinary adventures, and now, I am on a mission to bring the most authentic and genuine flavors from different parts of India straight to Europe’s heart,” he added.

Suresh Raina described Raina Indian Restaurant as a celebration of genuine Indian flavours – from the “rich spices of North India to the aromatic curries of South India, Raina Indian Restaurant is a tribute to the diverse and vibrant culinary tapestry of my beloved country,” he wrote. A menu on the restaurant’s website shows that it will serve seafood, vegetarian and meat dishes.

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The ‘Chicken curry dishes’ section of the menu, for example, includes classics like butter chicken and chicken korma, while the ‘Vegetarian side dishes’ section has paneer butter masala, dal makhni and jeera aloo, among other dishes.

Suresh Raina played 98 ODIs to one who became the 12th Indian to make a Test century on debut. Raina made his Test debut in Sri Lanka as a replacement for injured team-mate Yuvraj Singh, who, like Raina, was a left-hander, a dasher, and in the early 2000s, India’s most athletic fielder.

For a while it seemed Raina might have earned a long-term Test spot, but in England in 2011 his lack of skill against pace, seam and swing again opened up debates about his ability to be a consistent Test player for India. In the shorter versions, though, there’re no doubts about his talent.

The ability to split the field and discover gaps where fielders could not be placed earned him high praise when he first burst through to play for India in December 2006. The early years weren’t so prolific, which led to his omission from the 2007 World Cup. He forced his way back with a mountain of runs in domestic cricket, and from June 2008 was prolific in ODIs too, enhancing his stature as one of India’s responsible gen-next batsmen.

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