Amazing health Benefits of Betel Leaves You Never Knew

Do you get blank in the middle of something sometimes? Or you often suffer major body pain and just want to lie down? Well, all these problems along with many other of your medical conditions can easily be resolved with just one magical ingredient.

Any guesses what it is? It’s nothing other than betel leaf or what we say paan ka patta. Betel leaves are traditionally used on various occasions. It has been served after the meals traditionally as well. This would in turn produce amazing health benefits.

But have you ever imagined betel leaves as a natural beauty enhancer? Well, the luscious betel leaves are naturally packed with vitamin C along with other beauty benefits. Check out the hidden beauty benefits of these heart-shaped leaves.

Relieves Itchiness and Rashes: Betel leaves are good at a soothing property that would assist you in getting rid of rashes and allergies. All you have to do is to boil 10 leaves and allow it to limp. You could mix this water in your bath water or just soak the itchy areas. This would work well because of the anti-inflammatory properties which would lower the itchiness and swelling as well. It would also heal rashes.

Prevents and treats Acne: With the presence of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, betel leaves are known to beat acne. You have to take a few betel leaves and grind it along with a pinch of turmeric powder and make it a paste. Now, slather it on your face and leave it for a few minutes, and rinse it off with water and pat it with a soft towel to make them soft and smooth.

Removes Body Odor: The extract from betel leaves or betel leaf oil is absolutely helpful in destroying the germs which create unpleasant body odor. On the other hand, when you intake betel leaves drenched in boiled water regularly, it would work as a detoxifier and cleanses the body and thus prevents bad body odor.

Controls hair fall: Could the heart-shaped betel leaves help in curbing hair fall? Yes, Betel leaves naturally possess the ability to control hair fall as per Ayurveda. To nourish your hair, you have to blend a few betel leaves along with sesame or coconut oil or your favorite oil and make it a paste. Now, apply the paste to the scalp and the mane, and then allows it to settle for an hour. Later, wash it with mild shampoo and water. In doing so, you could see the changes in the nature of your hair tresses as well as other hair-related issues.

Takes away the bad breath: Are you worried of bad breath? Well, worry not, grab a betel leaf, and consume it right after the meals. If you chew it, the leaves would revitalize your breath thereby defeating the germs. On the other hand, For ages, the leaf has been used to avert tooth decay and then reinforce the gums. So, all you have to do is to boil some betel leaves in water and use the liquid to wash your mouth every day.

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