Want to stop biting your nails: Here is some important tips to break the Habit

We tend to bite our nails when stressed or in a state of anxiety. Assuming that the habit can calm down emotions easily. Some people when involved in deep thinking, feeling insecure, bored, or hungry unconsciously get into the habit of biting nails.

Biting nails cause serious ill-effects to your health. Hand hygiene is very important to stop the spread of any diseases, in the same way, keeping nails clean also add to cleanliness. If this habit prolongs over a period of time can lead to chronic infections.

Are you really looking for tips to get rid of this habit? Here you find ways to stop biting your nails.

Cut nails regularly: Cutting nails can be the best way to keep you away from biting habits. Every day when you wake up check your nails before looking for a brush. Clip it without a thought if it grows above the skin level. Have a clipper in your usual place to remind you of trimming the nails. This can gradually prevent you from indulging in biting.

Apply hand moisturizer: Hand moisturizer can act as a momentary fix to this biting. A little cream smeared on your palm and fingers can reduce the urge for a bite. This can reduce the biting nails as well as keeps your skin moisturized and soft.

Engross in Mouth activity: You can keep your mouth busy by eating or talking or singing. When you stop engaging in such activities your mouth will tend to ask for disgusting habits. Drink water often or chewing gums can be the best solution for keeping your mouth busy.

Mobile Phones: Life becomes meaningless without a mobile in hand. It has become a virtual good companion to most of us. We usually end up passing time in scrolling through features on the phone or into social media. Engaging in some activities can easily divert your nail-biting habit.

Engage your fingers: Doing some hand activity can slowly wipe off the biting habit. Biting nails is a war between mouth and nail. Keep any one of these busy to eliminate the habit. Don’t keep yourself idle, try to engage in some activities like drawing, knitting, painting, or any handwork that can prevent you from entering into chronic infections.

Use bitter flavor nail polish: Apply chemical safe nail polish with a strong and awful taste on your nail. Make sure to do this every day when the habit goes uncontrollable. The bitter flavor can repel you and prepare your mind to get rid of biting.

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