Cracked Heels: know the Remedies, Prevention, and other details

Dry skin and cracked heels are common in winters, but if your heels are cracking in summer too, it should be taken seriously. Cracked heels spoil the beauty of our feet. Cracked Heels: know the Remedies, Prevention, and other details.

Why do heels crack in summer, sometimes your heels crack due to vitamin deficiency, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and vitamin E deficiency causes dryness in the skin. Due to lack of water, people often face the problem of cracked heels. Moisturizing the skin is very important in a dehydrated situation.

Walking barefoot in summer also causes heel cracking problem. In fact, people are often barefoot in summer and dirt accumulates because of this. We wear shoes occasionally in summer than in winter. In such a situation, our feet become dirty due to heat, sweat, sun and dust and the heels start cracking.

Remedies of Cracked Heels:

Apply coconut oil and Aloe Vera gel at night before going to bed. Mix Aloe Vera gel with coconut oil and make a mixture. Now apply it on legs, and then wear socks. Use it daily and you will see a difference.

Petroleum jelly is an easy remedy for cracked heels. Applying Aloe Vera gel mixed with petroleum jelly at night before going to bed softens the skin of the feet. Take any vegetable oil and heat it with fenugreek seeds and after it cools down apply it on the heel.

Clean your feet from time to time. To clean feet, put water in a tub, add one spoon of salt, half a cup of lemon and rose water to it. Soak the feet for 10 to 15 minutes and then rub the feet. This makes the feet look clean and soft.

Soak feet in lukewarm water before going to bed at night. If you want, add a spoon of salt to it and immerse your feet in the water. There is no risk of bacterial infection. After that take a fresh cloths to make it dry the feet and apply foot cream with the help of fingers. Due to this, dryness starts disappearing. Apply only creams containing glycerine, lactic acid and mineral oil.

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