Miracle moment of Meghnaraj’s life…! ‘Kuttima’ wrote a heart-warming line with a photo !!

Junior Chiru was the only hope of life for Meghana who lost her husband while she was pregnant. Junior Chiru hold his hands with a mummy’s finger.

Meghanna shared this thrilling moment in photo form, and wrote it as “ which is the time of Miracle. The son who came as a little gift to me was holding my finger with his fingers, the most precious gift in the world”.

Junior Chiru, who is wearing a warm sweater in the cradle, Meghna shared a photo of it with his little finger. Meghana Raj is currently recovering from Corona and is being treated at home with her baby.

Meghana Raj gave birth to a baby boy on October 22, and already the cradle ceremony happened from her home side. The lavish naming ceremony is pending and the date is due soon.

Two family members who are looking for a name that is right for Junior Chiru, now known as Junior Chiru, Chintu. Home people are trying to forget the pain by looking at the child’s face.

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