Karnataka: Liquor sale banned for 3 days from February 14

The district administration has issued an order banning the sale of liquor in Bengaluru for three days from February 14.

In the context of Karnataka Vidhan Parishad Bengaluru Teachers Constituency By-Election-2024, in exercise of the power conferred under Rule-10(b) of the Karnataka Excise (General Clauses of Charters) Rules, 1967 and Section 135(c) of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, for voting.

From 14th 5.00 pm to 17th February 6.00 am No Drinking Day is being implemented across Bangalore city district (except Police Commissionerate area). Therefore, from February 14th, the sale of alcohol was banned in Bengaluru for three days and Bangalore City District Collector K.A. Dayananda ordered.

Karnataka: Liquor sale banned for 3 days from February 14
Image Credit To Original Source (Drinking is injurious to health)

Alcohol side effects on body:

If these symptoms appear in your body, stop consuming alcohol immediately:

Drinking alcohol is not good for health. However, doctors say that there is nothing wrong with drinking a small amount of alcohol. Many surveys have revealed that no matter how much alcohol is consumed, it is harmful to health.

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Be aware that alcohol harms your health and life:

Alcohol consumption can cause some problems. Medical experts say that alcohol should be stopped as soon as those symptoms appear. It is known that many problems arise in man under the influence of alcohol. Many studies have shown that both internal and external problems occur.

Alcoholics should pay more attention to their health. If any symptoms of illness appear, alcohol should be stopped immediately. Symptoms of illness appear on waking in the morning. If you feel sleepy body fatigue you should stop consuming alcohol.

Alcohol suppresses the immune system, weakening your body. Because of this, even small things make you sick. Do you get sick often? In this case it is better that you stop drinking alcohol.

Karnataka: Liquor sale banned for 3 days from February 14
Image Credit To Original Source ( Drinking is injurious to health)

Insomnia is said to be a reason for drinking alcohol. It is a fallacy to say that alcohol makes you sleepy. Drunk sleep is not complete sleep. If you still feel sleepy after drinking alcohol, it’s time to stop drinking.

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If there is bloating in the stomach, it should be recognized as an effect of alcohol. Alcohol seriously damages the digestive system. Alcohol should be stopped if symptoms like indigestion and bloating appear.

Alcohol also causes skin problems. If there is itching and rash it should be understood that it is due to alcohol. The best benefit can be seen if alcohol is stopped immediately.

Tooth and gum problems can also be caused by alcohol. Chemicals in alcohol attack tooth enamel. Stop drinking alcohol. It should be understood that alcohol in any form is not good for health.

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