Recognition of Gay marriage: Supreme Court adjourned hearing to April 18

New Delhi: Arguing that it is wrong to compare same-sex marriage with the Indian family system, the central government has opposed a petition filed in the Supreme Court seeking recognition of the same-sex couple law. Recognition of Gay marriage: Supreme Court adjourned hearing to April 18.

The Union government on Sunday submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court, reiterating its earlier stand that same-sex marriage is incompatible with the concept of the Indian family. Same-sex relationships and heterosexual relationships are clearly distinct. In its affidavit, the Central Government asserted that they cannot be treated in the same way.

The Union government has told the Supreme Court that the life of homosexuals who are currently not criminalized cannot be compared with the Indian family system of wife and children. The affidavit stated that despite the criminalization of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, the petitioner cannot claim the fundamental right of same-sex marriage to be recognized under the laws of the country.

Marriage between two persons of the same sex is not recognized and recognized in any unconsolidated personal laws or any consolidated statutory laws. The idea of marriage necessarily and inevitably implies a bond between two persons of the opposite sex.

Culturally and legally rooted in the idea and concept of marriage. It is the Government’s contention that this should not be disturbed or undermined by judicial interpretation. In the past few months, at least four same-sex couples have entered into a legal battle with the central government by petitioning the Supreme Court to recognize same-sex marriage.

The matter will be heard in the Supreme Court on Monday. Homosexuals living together and having sexual relations by same-sex persons cannot be compared with the Indian concept of family unit. So the central government has urged the court to reject the challenges to the current legal framework filed by same-sex couples.

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