Natural Ways to make mosquito-free house

Mosquito-free house: In a tropical country like India, having a mosquito-free house may seem like a distant dream, and the monsoon season only makes things worse. When the rainy season starts, it means that the mosquito season has started. Natural Ways to make mosquito-free house.

Because this rainy season provides favorable environment for mosquito breeding. So mosquitoes are high during this time. Apart from being unhygienic and annoying, mosquitoes are known to spread several deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue, West Nile virus and Zika virus.

To keep these deadly diseases away from your house, you need to know certain ways to keep mosquitoes away from your house. Although there are many effective chemical insecticides available to ward off mosquito bites, they can harm our health.

So you can prevent mosquitoes from entering the house by using healthy natural ingredients without using chemical products. Learning how to control mosquitoes is an important step toward safeguarding your home. The most effective way to keep mosquitoes away from the safe environment of your home is by using mosquito repellent sprays and scents.

Other ways to keep them away is by keeping the doors and windows closed during the night and to eliminate any standing water at home.

Natural ways to get rid of mosquito bites:


Tulsi works effectively in preventing mosquito bites. Moreover, basil leaves effectively kill mosquitoes, thereby reducing the chances of mosquito breeding. By planting Tulsi plant in your balcony, next to the window or around the house, you can get rid of mosquitoes. Moreover you can directly apply Tulsi oil on your body.

Lemon and Clove:

Cut a lemon in half and place a few cloves in it. Place these in every room. It is one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of mosquito bites.


Camphor works effectively to repel mosquitoes. If you close the windows and doors of the house and smoke camphor and neem, mosquitoes will not enter the house.


Garlic, which has many medicinal properties, acts as an effective natural remedy to kill mosquitoes. The pungent smell of garlic prevents mosquitoes from entering the house. So to use this remedy you crush some garlic cloves, boil it well in water. And sprinkle that water around the rooms of the house. Also grind four cloves of garlic and smoke it in the house with some oil and camphor, so that mosquitoes do not enter the house.

Grow Ayurveda plants around the house:

If there are plants like basil, eucalyptus, lemon grass, neem, mint, lavender around the house, mosquitoes will not come. Also, the smell of the ball flower keeps mosquitoes away. These plants can be planted in small pots on the balcony or around the house.

Not only this, you should keep the environment around your home as clean as possible to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in dirty water. So make sure that there is no standing water around the house, clear old tires if there are any. Maintain a clean environment as much as possible.

Here are some other ways to keep the mosquitoes away from home:

Kill and repel mosquitoes in lawn, front porch

Mosquitoes can very easily breed in your lawn and front porch, and then enter your house when you don’t notice. Treating your lawn and landscape beds with mosquito repellents will be very effective in keeping the insects away. Make sure you spray the mosquito repellents in damp and shaded areas as they are more prone to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to light so it is advised to keep the lights of your front porch turned off and to douse it with mosquito repellent regularly.

Set mosquito traps

To keep mosquitoes away from your front door and patio, you can set up mosquito and fly traps outside your house. One must note that it is very important to change the traps regularly. While it is advised to keep standing water away from your house, it can also be used as a mosquito trap in several cases as it attracts mosquitoes.

Use mosquito-repelling natural scents

There are several natural scents that you can use in your house to repel mosquitoes. Some of those scents are listed below-










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