A labour from Bihar infected from Corona, infects 9 more people in Bengaluru. Fear of Corona for 1 auto driver, 4 hospitals, 300 homes!!

BENGALURU: Bihar-based daily wage labour has now brought big tension in Bangalore. 9 people in contact with a Bihar based worker have been diagnosed with coronavirus and 180 have been quarantined. Also, doctors and medical staff of 4 hospitals are now worried. 300 houses in Hongasandra have been sealed.

It was confirmed yesterday that the labour had tested positive for Corona. Department of Health who traced his travel history was shocked. On April 19, a Bihar-based labour had illness. So, the man initially visited Jayadeva Hospital, then he visited Victoria Hospital the next day, and then he also visited Rajiv Gandhi Hospital.

He was treated at another private hospital and he has travelled in an auto, and now 9 of his primary contact have been diagnosed with Corona virus. Thus, the doctor was subjected to quarantine. The medical staff of 4 hospitals are also worried. About 180 people who are still in secondary contact with the person have been subjected to quarantine.

After the incident, Vidyajyothi Coliny in Hongsandra Ward has been sealed down completely and also more than 50 workers who lived in Hongsandra emptied the house overnight. They had been staying in Bangalore for building construction work. Now that 9 people have been tested positive for Corona, Sanitizers are being sprayed and strict measures are being taken.

But hundreds of workers were staying together and they had been to saloon. They also had dinner together. Thus, a new problem has begun in Silicon City.

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