Soujanya Case: Actor Duniya Vijay made big statement

Soujanya Case: Dharmasthala Soujanya Rape and Murder Case is news not only in the state but also in the country. This is the case that has generated so much debate and has received a lot of criticism. Now Sandalwood actor Duniya Vijay has also responded about the Soujanya Rape and Murder Case.

A lot of issues remain a mystery in the case, which many people have spoken in favour of and against. There is no clarity or detail about this anywhere. People are now demanding justice for the murder of a young girl Soujanya rape and murder case.

Sandalwood actor Duniya Vijay has shared a post on Facebook regarding the same case. It was usual to visit the Dharmasthala temple every year. But seeing the development of Soujanya’s case today, I feel that Manjunatha darshan should not be done until Soujanya and his family get justice. The actor wrote on Facebook that Truth is like sunshine cannot be hidden for long – Budha. This post of the actor has now gone viral on social media and netizens are reacting to it.

Courtesy case of Dharamsthala is now ready to come on screen and the title registration has also been done in Film Chamber. The title is registered as Story of Soujanya. Story of Saujanya is going to be made under the direction of director Lava. It is going to be a social film.

GK Ventures will produce the movie. Campaigns are currently going on social media to get justice for Soujanya. In many parts of the state, even in the villages, people are raising their voices in favour of courtesy. Moreover, many people are trending the hashtags Justice for Courtesy on social media.

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