Saturday, June 19, 2021

With Google Maps on Phone, Now You Can Find Nearest COVID Vaccine and Testing Centre: Here’s How

COVID-19 cases in India continue to rise, and many citizens are unable to book basic facilities due to mounting pressure on healthcare services. The country continues to witness over two lakh cases and a thousand deaths each day, and several states governments have imposed partial lockdowns to curb the spread of the disease.

Similarly, there appears to be a slew of misinformation regarding the virus over the internet, and people are naturally running to get a COVID-19 test to assure their safety. Unfortunately, it is adding more pressure on several existing centres that are now overburdened and unavailable at the receiving end. However, citizens across the country can use apps such as Google Maps to find COVID-19 testing or vaccine centres around them.

The Maps app also includes additional information such as phone numbers and operational timings. To check the availability of testing centres around you, open Google Maps and simply search for “covid test near me.” Users can also use keywords such as “COVID 19 test” or “covid testing” to get results. Both iOS and Android users can view the information directly on the map (represented by landmark icons) or via a listicle.

Users can find information on referral, private or government, contact, and operational timing. To check whether the lab offers home testing, users would need to check with the centre directly via a phone call. The COVID-19 test centre-search feature was added in June 2020.

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