Sunday, June 13, 2021

WhatsApp Updated privacy Policy Will Come into Force from May 15

WhatsApp has yet again issued communication on what has turned out to be the messaging platform’s biggest problem in 2021. WhatsApp users are again being notified of the updated privacy policy and that it will come into effect starting May 15.

The WhatsApp updated its privacy policy early this year, asking users to accept the terms by February 8. However, after a massive outrage against the implementation, WhatsApp postponed the date to May 15. WhatsApp users took to Twitter to share the notification WhatsApp has been sending people.

 The notification re-iterates WhatsApp’s privacy policy that was announced earlier this year. WhatsApp, in the new notification, is reminding users that they need to accept the new policy before May 15, if they wish to continue using the app. WhatsApp is sending notifications in the ‘chats’ tab, saying “we’re updating our terms and privacy policy. Tap to review” along with a cross button, which dismisses the message.

The notification also briefly describes the new policy stating that WhatsApp is not changing the privacy of a user’s personal conversations. It also reiterated that the privacy policy goes into effect starting May 15, 2021, and that users need to accept it in order to continue using the messenger.

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