Sunday, June 13, 2021

WhatsApp new update to allow voice message review before sending

WhatsApp recently introduced a feature that will allow users on Android to listen to their voice messages before sending them. The feature was submitted in WhatsApp beta update for Android and is expected to rolled out in a future update.

This is a really great feature to have since it essentially saves you time when you are listening to long-ish voice notes. The feature has already been under development for iOS devices, reported WABetaInfo, and now the messaging platform has started to develop the feature for Android devices as well.

The option to review voice messages has been available on WhatsApp, but the process to do so is cumbersome. The new voice message review feature will make it easier to trigger the feature. The under-development feature will allow users to listen to the voice message every time they hit the stop button, WABetaInfo noted. Presently, users get a cancel button that deletes the entire voice message.

It will be changed to a stop button once the feature is rolled out, it further added. Earlier this week, WhatsApp introduced a feature called Fast Playback where recipients of voice messages can change their playback speeds, making it easier for them to listen to long voice messages. The feature allows users to play a voice message at 1x, 1.5x or 2x speed without changing the pitch of the message.

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