Saturday, June 19, 2021

What Will Happen If the ICC World Test Championship Final Ends in A Draw

After a cycle of two long years and the Coronavirus-forced break in between, the World Test Championship is final set to be played at the Lord’s Cricket Ground between June 18-22. What will happen if the final match of the ICC World Test Championship between India and New Zealand ends in a draw.

Since this is a Test match, it is quite certain that the Test match can end in a draw and that no tie-breaker will take place between the two teams to come to a result in the process. The Indian Cricket Team and the New Zealand Cricket Team have qualified for the final of the ICC World Test Championship. Now, if the final Test match of the ICC World Test Championship ends in a draw, the two finalists will share the trophy.

Although there is a provision of a reserve day but, that provision only comes into play if there is a loss in the net playing time. The net playing time refers to the standard game time set by the International Cricket Council (ICC), which is set at 30 hours of play (six hours per day).

The reserve day comes into play only if the regulation time has not been fulfilled For example, if an hour’s play is lost due to rain or poor light and the hour’s play is covered on any of the other days of the Test match, there will be no reserve day.

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