This Desi Drink to Stay Cool This Summer: Know the Health Benefits

This Desi Drink to Stay Cool This Summer: Know the Health Benefits

When trying to eat healthy, it is essential to choose the right drinks as well. Other than water, you consume several other drinks throughout the day, especially during the summer season. To stay fit, it is essential to keep sugar-loaded drink away.

Carbonated drinks are loaded with added sugar with zero or less nutrition. Packed juices also contain a good amount of sugar. One of the popular substitutes is diet soda. It is commonly known as a healthy alternate and has gained attention as a weight loss-friendly drink.

Try buttermilk this summer!

sourced from the right place buttermilk is extremely nourishing to your body. It is a probiotic which can work wonders for your gut health and it is also a natural source of whey protein. So, don’t fall for labels and calorie counting, go for the quality. Choose real foods over chemicals.”

Health benefits of buttermilk

1. Buttermilk can help you beat the heat in summers. It can keep your body cool and offer several other health benefits. It will also keep your body hydrated.

2. It is also a popular remedy for acidity. You can add cumin, coriander and a bit of salt to it to enhance the taste.

3. Buttermilk can also keep your bones healthy. It is a source of calcium as well as vitamin D. These two essential nutrients can help in ensuring healthy bones.

4. It is a probiotic that can help boost gut health. Probiotics promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Keep those chemical-loaded foods and drinks away and bring back the natural foods to your diet. Make small changes each day. You can start by replacing those unhealthy processed, sugar-loaded and unhealthy drinks with buttermilk, coconut water or lemon water.