Ration Card Update Date Extend: Here is date and districts details

Ration Card Amendment Again: Ration card update was allowed in the state last week. However, there was a server crash again. Many could not make amends. Thus, there is a possibility of allowing the amendment again.

Ration Card Update: The ration card holder could not correct the record due to server problem during the period given by the food department for correction of the ration card. Thus, the government is likely to allow the amendment of the ration card again in the first week of November.

Ration card is not only limited to getting ration. For address verification while obtaining various documents including PAN card, for getting cooking gas connection, for various pension schemes, while availing the benefit of housing schemes for residence confirmation while getting relief from neighbor distress, natural calamity, to avail the benefit of Anna Bhagya Yojana.

Ration Card Update Date Extend: Here is date and district detail
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Ration card is one of the important documents to be provided while availing the benefits of various government schemes, including the registration of Gruha Lakshmi Scheme, one of the guaranteed schemes of the government. However, an error has appeared in the ration cards of more than one lakh people in the district. In some ration cards, the names of all the family members are not included.

In some other ration cards, the name of the master of the family is wrongly printed. Some have migrated from other talukas and districts for employment and have to change their address. The names of those who died in the family should be removed from the ration card. Thus various corrections need to be made in the ration card.

In this background, the food department had given permission to amend the ration card on October 19, 20 and 21 for server problem. Belagavi district, which is the second most populous district in the state, has more than 14 lakh ration cards. In this, more than 1 lakh cards need to be amended. The food department had allowed the correction of ration cards in Gram One centers, Karnataka One centers and Belagavi One centers.

Ration Card Update Date Extend: Here is date and district detail
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There are more than 600 Village One centers in the district, 80 Karnataka One centers and 5 Belagavi One centers in Belagavi city. The ration card holders who needed to amend their cards left all other work and wandered to their respective centers for three days from 19th to 21st. But only on A.19 there was a correction of few cards in some centres. In most of the centers, the correction work was not done on 20th and 21st due to server problem.

Ration Card Update start from November 1:

About one thousand ration cards were amended in the district on the first day. For the remaining two days there was no card correction due to server issues. In this context, the amendment is being allowed again from November 1,” said a senior officer of the Food Department of Belagavi.

Increase server capacity:

Servers in private organizations serve millions of people at a time without interruption. But in the work of government departments, there are frequent server down allegations. It is an allegation of the public that despite the information that lakhs of people are using the website at the same time in the case of Gruha Lakshmi registration, Gruha Jyoti registration, ration card amendment etc., the government is not working to increase the capacity of Seva Sindhu and other government web portal servers.

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