Agumbe Ghat Travel Ban on heavy vehicular traffic

Agumbe Ghat Travel Ban: Due to continuous heavy rain since last one week, a small crack has appeared on the Agumbe Ghat road connecting Thirthahalli – Udupi and there is a fear of collapsing the road. Against this backdrop, Udupi District Collector Vidya Kumari has issued an order banning the movement of heavy vehicles from July 27 to August 15 with immediate effect.

National Highway 169A passes through the Agumbe Ghat Road, causing cracks and landslides due to the traffic of heavy vehicles. Due to the interest of the public, a ban has been imposed on the movement of heavy vehicles and an opportunity has been provided for the movement of light vehicles. Also, the order said that heavy vehicles should travel using alternative routes.

Alternate Routes:

It has been suggested to use the alternate route after banning heavy vehicular traffic on Agumbe Ghat Road. Udupi – Thirthahalli route can travel Tirthahalli – Agumbe – Sringeri – Malaghat – Karkala – Udupi route. It is also possible to travel on the Tirthahalli – Mastikate – Siddapur – Kundapur – Udupi route.

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