Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan says he didn’t want to return as host after Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode

Bigg Boss 14’s Saturday (February 6) Weekend Ka Vaar episode was full of high voltage drama with host Salman Khan losing her cool on the contestants and slamming them for their outrageous behaviour. When the host returned to host the Sunday’s weekend ka vaar, he looked disappointed and stated that he was not in a mood to come back.

He shared that he was still upset with the contestants. He went on to talk about it in detail and said that he has hosted 11 seasons of Bigg Boss and every time when he returns, people ask him how he deals with the contestants. But every time he praises the contestants.

Salman further reveals that people often praise him when he schools the contestants or lashes out at them and he doesn’t enjoy such compliments (Mujhe ek compliment bhi milta hai ke aaj aapne bahut tabiyat se bajayi sabki aur mujhe woh compliment accha lagta nahi hai). He said it might be entertainment for the audience when he comes on wkw and gets angry with the contestants but he doesn’t enjoy it as that is not his job.

His job is to make sure that the contestants behave in a right manner. (Ab woh aap ke liye entertainment hoga ki main yahan aaun aur inse naaraz hojaaun… meri duty ye hai ki ye iss ghar mein aachi tarike se behave kare). Salman told that he jokes with the contestants to run the show and there have been many who have worked with him after the show in his films. Talking about the nuisance that the contestants are causing on the show, Salman said that this time the inmates have crossed the limits and he gets to hear from the audience about it.

He shared that his mother and other people ask him how he handles the contestants, what culture they are showing on the show, and how ill-mannered contestants are there on the show. He stated that he is getting to hear such things and feels bad as he always defends the contestants saying that the show is very difficult.

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