Sunday, June 13, 2021

PUBG Mobile: Which game takes lesser space on smartphones? – PUBG Lite vs Free Fire

PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire are two popular titles in the esports industry. They are known for their low-end device support while offering an impressive and immersive gameplay experience.

Which is also good when it comes to graphics and gameplay. The basic rules of the battle royale genre are applicable to both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Lite. The gameplay for both games is also quite similar.

In battle royale matches, players jump on a battlefield to loot weapons and supplies. Free Fire has a collection of special characters with unique abilities. Players can choose one of these characters and enjoy the game. PUBG Mobile Lite does not really have any special characters.

Storage space often plays an important role when it comes to downloading games. Players who have a low-end smartphone might be torn between the two battle royale games. PUBG Mobile Lite’s file size is only 575 MB, whereas the download size for Free Fire is 689 MB.

It is clear that Free Fire takes up more space than PUBG Mobile Lite. Players who have more space on their device can choose PUBG Mobile Lite instead of Free Fire

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