Should you avoid ice creams to prevent coronavirus? Solution is here.

Bengaluru: Many fraudulent messages are being circulated on social media related to the spread of the novel coronavirus. The latest rumour doing the round is that Covid-19 spreads through ice-creams and other chilled products.

The government today rubbished claims linking consumption of ice cream with the spread of novel coronavirus. The World Health Organization has clarified that there is no scientific evidence to support the claim, PIB clarified in a tweet. “Claim: There is some information going rounds that eating ice creams and other chilled products can lead to spreading of Covid-19 infection.

Reality: No. WHO has already clarified that there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.” the tweet read.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, rumours on preventing Covid-19 are doing the rounds. From drinking hot water being a possible prevention to turmeric milk, to the use of air conditioners (ACs), the list is endless.

Among such information is that two things that are not favourable for this virus are sunlight and temperature above 26-27 degree Celsius. WHO had previously clarified that Covid-19 cannot be cured by sunlight. To avoid the spread of coronavirus, one needs to wash hands frequently and wear a mask while traveling and in crowded place.

Meanwhile, the death toll due to the novel coronavirus pandemic rose to 1,074 after 66 more fatalities and the number of cases climbed to 33,050 in the country, according to the Union Health Ministry.

According to the ministry data updated in the morning, Maharashtra tops with 9,915 infections, followed by Gujarat with 4,082, Delhi with 3,439, Madhya Pradesh with 2,561. India is under an extended lockdown till 3 May to mitigate the transmission of the virus.

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