How much you know about phyllanthus(bhumi ambla) the extraordinary power of a common plant

  • Raksha Badamane

Plants have both medicinal value and also ornamental purpose. India have been using plants as medicines to treat many health issues. The ancient science of ayurveda and yoga relies heavily on these plants to treat major condition.

One of the most common medicinal plant which is very small with high medicinal value is phyllanthus nirui. Most commonly called as phyllanthus or Bhumi amla. Which can be seen in trophical regions. It grows 50 to 70cm tall and bears accending herbaceous branches. The bark is smooth and light green it bears numerous pale green flowers which are often flushed with red. The are tiny smooth capsule contaning seeds below the each leaves.

There are several medicinal use some are listed below
The juice of this whole plant is used for various medicinal disorders like loss of appetitte, hyper acidity anorexia, thirst, constipation, diarrhea and dysentery condition ect.
The decoction of phyllanthus is used for maintaning ur liver function test
Bhumi ambla is extensively used for treating zaundice.
Chewing few leaves of this plant on empty stomach helps to improve the emmune system.
Use of bhumi ambla palnt powder is effective in various disease.
The plant act as a tonic for an indiusual.

The leaf paste of bhumi ambla are use for treating skin infection.
Fresh leaves decoction is used for treating malaria, typhoide and various type of fevers.
Whole plant decoction is used in purification of blood.
For blocked nose the juice of phyllanthus can be used as nasal drop.
For swelling the leaves paste are used by mixing small amount of rock salt. Apply this paste at night and clean in morning with lukewarm water.

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