Breaking: Aircraft Crashed; MiG-29K fighter plane crash in Goa

Aircraft Crashed: A MiG-29K fighter plane has crashed in Goa. The accident happened during a routine flight over the Goa coast. It is being told that the pilot managed to escape after the plane crashed. Which saved his life. Aircraft Crashed: MiG-29K fighter plane crash in Goa.

The Indian Navy has ordered an inquiry into the matter. Officials said the accident happened when the plane was returning to base after a technical snag.

The MiG-29 aircraft manufactured by Russia’s Mikoyang Company has been playing an important role in the Indian Army. Its number in the Air Force is close to 70. Along with the Air Force, the Indian Navy also uses this aircraft.

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MiG-21 Aircraft Crashed on 29 July

Earlier, a MiG-21 fighter plane of the Indian Air Force crashed during a training flight on July 29 this year in Rajasthan. In this accident, both the pilots aboard the aircraft were martyred. They were identified as Wing Commander Mohit Rana (39) from Sandhol in Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district and Advitia Bal (26) from Jammu.

Big News: Ola and Uber auto service stop from tomorrow

Bengaluru: Transport Commissioner Kumar said that Uber and Ola autos will not be allowed to run from tomorrow, if they do this, they will be fined up to 5 thousand. Ola and Uber auto service stop from tomorrow. In order to break the expensive fare collection today, the Transport Department has held an important meeting with Ola, Uber Service today.

Uber and Ola auto service now include GST and auto rental per km. The transport department has instructed to get Rs.30. Transport Department Commissioner T. H. M Kumar informed about this, Uber and Ola companies have agreed to this decision of the transport department and the petition submitted by the auto drivers will be submitted to the government.

He said that the next decision will be taken after discussing with the Minister of Transport Department. An important meeting was started today at 2.30 pm with the Transport Department with Ola and Uber. . This meeting has been held in order to hit the Ola and Uber companies for charging more than the scheduled fares.

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