Friday, June 25, 2021

How to check cooking gas subsidy online in bank account: Here is step by step guide

Indian government gives subsidy on gas cylinders to households in order to help them tide over inflation. This amount is directly transferred to the beneficiary accounts, provided with the gas vendors.  Currently, one person can take 12 gas cylinders on his/her in a year.

It has come to the fore that many people complain that they have not been receiving subsidy amount, while some even rush to their vendors and banks to check the same. Though subsidy amount has been reduced in the recent months, but it is important that you know that whether gas subsidy amount is transferred in your account or not. This can be done without having to go to your vendors or banks.

This can be done online. All you have to do is to visit website and follow the steps to know if your subsidy amount has been credited to your account or not. 

1.Log in at 

2.Click at you LPG gas supplier company means IOC, Bharat Petroleum, etc. 

3.A new interface will get opened

4.Click at ‘Give your feedback online’ in the bar menu 

5.Fill your registered mobile number, name, consumer number and other details

6.Click at ‘Feedback Type’

7.Click at ‘Next’ button after selecting ‘Complaint’ option 

8.Your bank details will become available on your computer monitor; and

9.You can check whether LPG gas subsidy has been credited in your account post-delivery of the cylinder.

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