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Here is an Installation guide: How to get FASTag instantly.?

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FASTag is mandatory from today. The FASTag service to digitally pay the toll tax on national highways is now live across the country.

From today, the toll plazas across the country will no longer have a cash payment option. The vehicles trying to cross the toll plazas without FASTag will have to pay double the fee as the hybrid lanes have been discontinued.

How to get FASTag.?

You can apply for FASTag via your bank or digital payment apps like PAYTM. You should upload your vehicle number and registered owner ID Proofs online. Once the payment is made, FASTag will be delivered at desired address.

How to get FASTag instantly.?

To get your FASTag fast is to get to a toll booth nearby. Most banks and digital payment sources have created temporary booths where people have been designated to sell the tags. The representative will need details of the vehicle which include the registration certificate and ID proof of owner.

How to fit FASTag on the car.?

FASTag comes as a sticker which should be stuck on the windshield of the car from inside. FASTag sticker should be stuck in the middle of the windshield behind the inside rear view mirror.

How to recharge FASTag.?

FASTag once active, can be recharged digitally through any bank account or payment apps. Once recharged the mobile number will get an update.

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