Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Gold rate today drop by Rs 1,000: Check gold rate in top cities

Gold Price Today fell by Rs 1,000 per 100 gram. The Gold rate on Friday went down by Rs 100 per 10 gram bringing good news for buyers during the Holi 2021 weekend.

If you are looking to buy the yellow metal on March 26, you have to pay Rs 43,920 for 10 gram of 22-carat gold and Rs 44,920 per 10 gram of 24-carat gold, according to a report by good returns website.

The Gold price has shown a downward trend during the better part of March in India after peaking in February. Meanwhile, in global markets, gold prices were on decline as the rise in Coronavirus cases has been causing a fear around the world.

Notably, Gold is considered a safe option to invest when there is a political turmoil or economic crisis.

22-carat Gold price today:

If you are buying 22-carat gold today you have to pay Rs 4,392 per 1 gram, Rs 35,136 per 8 gram, Rs 43,920 per 10 gram, and Rs 4,39,200 per 100 gram.

24-carat Gold price today:

If you are buying 24-carat gold Rs 4,492 per 1 gram, Rs 35,936 per 8 gram, Rs 44,920 per 10 gram, and Rs 4,49,200 er 100 gram.

Gold Price Today in Big Cities

City 22-k gold (per 10 gm) 24-k gold (per 10 gm)
Delhi- Rs 44,150, Rs 48,160
Mumbai- Rs 43,920, Rs 44,920
Kolkata- Rs 44,340, Rs 47,040
Bengaluru- Rs 42,000, Rs 45,820
Hyderabad- Rs 42,000, Rs 45,820
Chennai- Rs 42,350, Rs 46,200
Pune- Rs 43,920, Rs 44,920
Ahmedabad- Rs 44,500, Rs 46,370

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