Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Goa Complete lockdown extension: minister demands amid spike in Covid-19 cases

Goa: Michael Lobo Goa Ports minister has said that he will be writing a letter to state’s Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to undertake more preventive measures for nearly 8-9 days to tackle the current surge in Covid-19 cases.

Goa Ports Minister Michael Lobo told media that Goa should have a situation similar to lockdown with major curbs but not complete lockdown to contain the spread of the virus in the state. Lobo said, “I am writing a letter to the CM today that we need to go for more preventive measures.

A situation like a lockdown but we cannot call it a total lockdown. More preventive measures for nearly 8-9 days to break this chain must be taken”. “We have seen on all the news channels of the situation in Delhi and Maharashtra. It had gone out of control. In Maharashtra, cases are reducing after the lockdown. Therefore, a similar thing needs to be done in Goa,” he added.

Further speaking about the suggestion of a “lockdown”, he said, “I am quite confident that the CM will listen to the people of Goa. What I am talking today is the voice of the people of Goa. If you ask anybody, they will say “we want to stay indoors”. And eight days is not a very big thing for a small state like Goa and we can bring the virus under control.”

Goa is already under a four-day lockdown till May 3. Currently, only essential services are allowed in the state. Lobo said, “People have cooperated. Voluntarily people are have put their shutters down. Very few people are coming out as the virus is spreading like a wildfire. This lockdown was demanded by the people of the constituency. We are assisting them in whatever way we can.”

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