Is That a Pancake or an Omelette? Katrina Kaif Has No Clue What She Has Made

Mumbai:Like most of us, Katrina Kaif too seems to be having a tough time cooking on her own during the coronavirus lockdown. The actress, who is living with her sister Isabella Kaif in Mumbai during the lockdown, has shared a video of the two of them trying to make something that looks like an omelette or a pancake.

There’s no way to know what it is for sure, because Katrina said that they too are trying to figure out what it is that they have made. The video shows Katrina first zooming into the frying pan and then winking at the camera.

“We’re not sure what it is either we will let u know when we do, she wrote. Mini Mathur asked in the comments, “Kat… is great a pancake??? Or a cheese soda? (sic).” Katrina has been posting videos of herself working out at home during the self-quarantine period. She had also posted a video of her doing the dishes at home.

On Thursday, she also posted a video thanking Mumbai Police for all their efforts in battling coronavirus and ensuring that the citizens stay home safe. “Thank You Mumbai Police. Saluting the bravery and dedication of the Mumbai Police and Maharashtra Police who are working so hard while we stay in the safety and comfort of our homes. Tremendous respect for all of you DilSe Than You , Stay Home, Mumbai Police, Maharashtra Police,” she said.

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