Demand for arrest challenging star Darshan after Varthur Santhosh

Ii is said that two month back when challenging star Darshan was visit Kollur Mukambika temple Darshan has wear a dollar resembling a tiger claw around his neck.

Kannada Bigg Boss contestant Varthur Santhosh was arrested for wearing a tiger claw locket around his neck. After this, serious allegations have also been heard against Kannada famous actor Challenging star Darshan. Demand for Challenging star Darshan arrest after Varthur Santhosh.

An allegation has been heard that he used tiger claws to make locket, so an investigation has been demanded against Darshan. As per AIN Kannada report Preparations are being made to lodge a complaint against Kannada actor Darshan with the Forest Conservator. On October 25 at 11:30, the JDU party will file a complaint against actor Darshan. The JD(U) party has come forward to file a complaint with the forest protection officials, AIN Kannada reported.

Demand for arrest Challenging star Darshan after Varthur Santhosh
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As per AIN Kannada report It is mentioned that Darshan has put a dollar resembling a tiger claw around his neck. Two months ago, When he was visit Kollur Mukambika temple. Therefore, the forest conservators have been asked to take immediate action against Darshan. The JDU party has demanded immediate action if an investigation is conducted against actor Darshan and tiger claws are found. The JD(U) party has come forward to lodge a complaint at Aranya Bhavan in Malleswaram.

Kannada Bigg Boss Season 10 (BBK Season 10) contestant Varthur Santhosh arrested for allegedly wearing a locket with Tiger Nail has been sentenced to 14 days judicial custody. Arrested by the Ramohalli forest officials, he was produced before the 2nd ACJM Court and the judge remanded him in judicial custody till November 6.

Santosh’s lawyer will apply for bail on Wednesday. Now among them Parappa has been sent to Agrahara Jail. The Wild life -Protection- Act 1972 makes it an offense to wear the bones or skins of wild animals. The forest officers noticed on TV that Santhosh was inside the Bigg Boss house wearing tiger nails and registered a case.

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On Sunday evening, officer went Bigg Boss house near Rajarajeshwari Nagar and was arrested. He inquired at the forest department office and got many details. Santhosh said that he has been wearing a locket with a tiger for the past three years. After obtaining the information from where it was purchased, the officials produced him at the judge’s residence in Koramangala.

Demand for arrest Challenging star Darshan after Varthur Santhosh
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The forest officials have not asked him to be remanded in custody as they have completed their interrogation. Thus Justice Narendra sent him to judicial custody for 14 days without further investigation. Meanwhile, Santosh’s lawyer Nataraj said that a bail application will be filed on Wednesday. He said that the claw belonged to a tiger will be known after receiving the FSL report. He said that there is no bill related to the purchase of this nail and locket.

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