Actress Jayaprada sentenced jail to 6 month and Rs 5000 fine 

A Chennai Egmore court has issued a verdict sentencing popular actress and former MP Jayaprada to jail. Actress Jayaprada sentenced to 6 month and Rs 5000 fine. Actually, Jayaprada has a movie theater in Rayapeta, Chennai. It was directed by Ram Kumar from Chennai along with Rajababu.

However, the ESI amount was deducted from the workers working in this movie theatre. The workers then approached the Egmore court. The ESI share of the workers of this theatre was not submitted because of which the case was launched. Initially, a worker filed a complaint against the State Insurance Corporation for not paying his ESI fund amount.

Following this, the Labour Government Insurance Corporation filed a case against the actress at the Egmore Magistrate Court, Chennai. A similar incident took place a few years ago, when Actress Jayaprada theatre complex had failed to meet the obligation on an income tax amount worth around Rs. 20 lakh.

Corporation officials, as per the order of the city civil court, seized the chairs, and projectors from the theatre. The employees on duty offered, as an immediate instalment, Rs 5 lakhs. However, the officials rejected the request by demanding the full amount be paid as a Demand Draft (DD).

Jayaprada asked the Egmore court to dismiss the petition saying that she will pay the amount of ESI due to the workers in this order. The counsel for the Labour Government Insurance Corporation objected to this. The Egmore court, which investigated the case, sentenced Jayaprada and three others to six months in prison. Also imposed a fine of Rs.5 thousand.

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