Friday, June 25, 2021

Good news for coffee lovers! Drinking coffee regularly can reduce risk of heart failure, shows study

Good news for all the coffee lovers out there! A clinical study drove by three renowned teams of researchers claimed that regular consumption of coffee can reduce the risk of heart failure. Coffee has been a debatable beverage for a long time.

While some believe coffee might have many harmful effects on your body, there have been reports that it can actually enhance your health The findings published in American Heart Association, however, found that drinking decaffeinated coffee did not have the same benefit and may be associated with an increased risk for heart failure.

There is not yet enough clear evidence to recommend increasing coffee consumption to decrease the risk of heart disease with the same strength and certainty as stopping smoking, losing weight, or exercising. Coronary artery disease, heart failure, and stroke are among the top causes of death from heart disease in the U.S. “While smoking, age, and high blood pressure are among the most well-known heart disease risk factors, unidentified risk factors for heart disease remain,” according to senior author of the study, assistant professor of cardiology and medical director at the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora, Colorado.

To analyse the outcomes of drinking caffeinated coffee, researchers categorised consumption as 0 cups per day, 1 cup per day, 2 cups per day, and 3 cups per day. Across the three studies, coffee consumption was self-reported, and no standard unit of the measure was available. In all studies, people who reported drinking one or more cups of caffeinated coffee had an associated decreased long-term heart failure risk.

In the Framingham Heart and the Cardiovascular Health studies, the risk of heart failure over the course of decades decreased by 5-to-12 per cent per cup per day of coffee, compared with no coffee consumption. In the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study, the risk of heart failure did not change between 0 to 1 cup per day of coffee; however, it was about 30 per cent lower in people who drank at least 2 cups a day.

Drinking decaffeinated coffee appeared to have an opposite effect on heart failure risk significantly increasing the risk of heart failure in the Framingham Heart Study. In the Cardiovascular Health Study, however; there was no increase or decrease in risk of heart failure associated with drinking decaffeinated coffee.

When the researchers examined this further, they found caffeine consumption from any source appeared to be associated with decreased heart failure risk, and caffeine was at least part of the reason for the apparent benefit from drinking more coffee.

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