Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Date of Birth is must on Wedding Cards: Govt’s Mega Plan Against Child Marriage

Jaipur: The Rajasthan government has prepared a big and unique plan to prevent child marriage in the marriage ceremony happening in and around Aakhateej. Under this, instructions have been given to print the date of birth on the invitation cards printed for the marriage ceremony.

Apart from this, the certificate of age of bride and groom will also be with the printing press. The government has issued these important instructions to prevent child marriages on Akhtij and Peepal Purnima. Group-13 of the state home department has issued its orders. Instructions have been given to all the District Collector-SP. The order states that child marriage is a crime according to the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act-2006.

This year, the festival of Akshaya-Tritiya (Akhatij) is on May 14 and after that the festival of Peepal Purnima May 26 is also going to come. There is a possibility of organizing child marriages on these days and on the Abuja Sawah, especially in rural areas. It has been said in the orders that strict steps should be taken for effective prevention of child marriage. Widely publicize the provisions of the Child Marriage Prohibition Act.

Increase public awareness by informing the public through public representatives and take action to stop child marriages. According to the order of the Home Department, such individuals and communities who are instrumental in getting the marriage done, such as Halwai, Bandwaja, Pandit, Barati, Tentwale, Transporters etc. should not cooperate in child marriage.

Action will also be taken against cooperation in child marriage. A large number of child marriages take place on dates in Rajasthan: It is noteworthy that a large number of secretly child marriages take place in rural areas on the Akhtij in Rajasthan. The administration has also stopped such marriages many times. Despite all the publicity and legal provisions, people do not miss child marriages. In such a situation, every year the state government makes a separate effort to prevent them.

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