Friday, June 25, 2021

Can’t travel Holding tickets for international flight? Air India announces good news to passengers. Details here

”Due to continued impact of COVID-19 across the globe bringing uncertainty in travel plans, Air India is offering various Waivers/flexibility to passengers who are holding tickets for international travel,”.

In view of entry restrictions announced by countries like the UAE, UK, Singapore and others, the airline has announced various waivers facilitating passengers.

Air India has decided to offer following benefits/flexibility for passengers for their continued patronage, who are holding tickets for International travel:

1. Flexibility of Routing Change,

2. Flexibility of Sector Change,

3. Enhance Travel Validity,

4 Waiver for Fare Difference and Change penalty,

5. Flexibility of Cabin Change

6. Enhanced Refund Validity

Holding ticket (Passenger):

The document by the airline stated that a revenue ticket issued on 098 document and booked to travel on Air India operated and marketed, scheduled flights,

1) from 15th March 2020 till 31st March 2021 and his/her travel plan got disrupted due to cancellation of booked flight due to COVID-19 epidemic OR

2) from 15th MARCH 20 till 31st MARCH 21 and not able to travel from India to any destination due change in (destination country’s) visa regulation owing to COVID-19 epidemic, OR

3) Holding Ticket Passenger, who is OCI Card Holder or Foreign National and not able to travel to India, due Suspension of entry for such passenger by Bureau of Immigration, India; from 13th MARCH 20 (from 10 MARCH 20 for travel originating from France) till such time the prohibition on international travel of passengers to India is lifted by the Government of India.

Passengers need to visit the airline’s booking offices or Authorized Travel Agent (henceforth referred as agents) from where ticket were originally issued or Call up the call-center for following permitted changes.

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