Sunday, June 13, 2021

Breaking Traffic Rules Multiple Times: Now Government Websites displayed Your Name on Public

Central Motor Vehicle Rules, the state transport departments will be putting out a list of persons on their portals who are repeat offenders for traffic violations such as, drunk driving, speeding, racing, dangerous driving and even for not wearing helmets.

Based on media report , the enabling provision to “name and shame” repeat offenders who pose risk to their lives and that of other road users has been made to promote responsible driving. However, such names can be made public, if the offender doesn’t go for an appeal within a month after disqualification to hold a DL or the appellate authority dismisses his/ her appeal.

The transport departments will create a separate section in their portal named “Revocation of Driving License under subsection (1A) of section 19 of the Act” which will be in a machine-readable electronic, printable and shareable pdf form, for access by the general public.

The new changes in the rules will also make it convenient for people to avail transport related services as the system will be online; starting from filing application and issuance of learner’s licence to submission of medical certificate and surrender and renewal of DL. Government has also done away with the minimum educational qualification for obtaining DL for commercial vehicles and this has been replaced with the mandatory requirement of “minimum training and language comprehension”.

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