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Most Impactful health Benefits of having green tea with lemon

.Sri Raksha Sriyan

Green tea has amazing health benefits along with high antioxidant properties. It can be a substitute for coffee in many ways. Green tea with lemon does miracles to your metabolic system. It works great in the weight loss process.

They mark low in calories and high on nutrients. This magical combination has great health benefits, read this article to know more.

Heart Friendly: Green tea has a bunch of health benefits and a boon for our health. Mixing lemon with this miraculous drink can do wonders for our health. Drinking in moderation can make you stay healthy. It keeps the cholesterol level in control thereby preventing heart-related ailments.

Supports Weight Loss: Both lemon and green tea have an ability to decrease the fat content and reduces weight naturally. Green tea contains antioxidant, moderate caffeine, and EGCG which helps to maintain proper metabolic function. They reduce the hunger pangs with the help of pectin fiber present in lemon.

Relieves Diabetes: Green tea with lemon can bring down kidney problems. They contain zinc which helps in the secretion of insulin. Insulin can maintain the blood sugar level. It can ward off blood pressure, heart problems with its antioxidant property.

Prevents Cancer: Adding a few drops of lemon in green tea improves flavour as well as combats cancerous cells. Lemon contains limonene and the antioxidant can diminish free radicals.EGCG compound in green tea also protects from cell damage due to harmful pathogens.

Improves Digestion: Catechins present in the green tea turns acid in the stomach into alkaline. It makes the intestine to absorb the nutrients properly. Green tea can slow down the iron absorption from the foods. It enhances the digestion process on the regular consumption of this drink.

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